Augment Ventures

Early Stage VC, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Aperia Technologies logo Aperia Technologies logo Aperia Technologies
A cleantech company developing automatic tire inflation technology. Aperia’s technology enables higher efficiency by increasing miles per gallon, reduces operating cost by increasing tire life and improves safety by preventing blowouts.
LLamasoft LLamasoft
A predictive analytics and business intelligence company that helps model, design and simulate complex supply chains for corporations. Its supply chain analytics software – Supply Chain Guru ®, improves profitability by optimizing resource utilization, enhance reliability by improving risk management and achieve sustainability targets by tracking global carbon foot print.
Mercatus Logo Mercatus
Mercatus™ is a leading software solutions provider for the energy project finance industry, offering Origination and Syndication Management for investors looking to making asset-class portfolio decisions. Mercatus’s new standardized approach to the appraisal drives deal velocity and quality while reducing financing costs of energy projects.
Revolights logo Revolights
Revolights is bringing innovative bike lighting solutions to market. Patented, award-winning Revolights bike lighting system consists of wheel mounted; “smart” LED rings that provide forward path illumination, plus a huge increase in 360-degree visibility ensure maximum safety by offering both lighting and sighting in one revolutionary design.
Lumenetix logo Lumenetix
Lumenetix designs, manufactures and sells UL recognized color tunable LED light engines for fixture manufacturers around the world. Lumenetix is uniquely positioned to lead the current lighting transition from ‘static’ to ‘dynamic’ on demand lighting.
RayVio logo RayVio
RayVio extends the visible solid state lighting revolution to UV. RayVio’s advanced UV-LED technology enables never before possible applications for industrial and consumer users by engineering semiconductor based UV light sources that are compact, instantly available, robust, mercury free, energy efficient, and long lived. RayVio full spectrum UV-A, B, and C solutions are applicable for a variety of applications including disinfection of water, air and surfaces, industrial curing, and medical applications.