Augment Ventures

Early Stage VC, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Building Business. Transforming Global Industries. Impacting Lives.
Investing in companies that challenge the status-quo in the
products and services we use at work and at home.


Augment team brings its diverse operational experience and extensive national and international network to identify, invest and build successful technology companies. The team has worked across the lifecycle of early stage companies right from formation to multiple rounds of financing to final exit through acquisition or IPO.
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Augment Ventures invests in Software, Software Enabled Hardware, and Physical and Material Science Innovations. We see these themes presenting tremendous opportunity in and across the following sectors: Cloud Computing and SaaS, Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things, Intelligent Mobility, Mobile Software, Cyber Security, Energy and Efficiency. We seek entrepreneurs who use these building blocks to create new categories and disrupt global industries.

We actively work with portfolio companies to develop new markets, build alliances and hire talent. We lead and co-invest with our strategic partners, targeting exits between four and six years.
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Augment invests in companies that span the technology ecosystem.
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