Our Approach

Partnering with Entrepreneurs to build transformational companies

Augment Ventures invests across North America in early-stage, capital-efficient companies in Software, Smart Hardware, and Physical Science Innovations.

We invest in transformational companies, commercializing disruptive technologies that enhance the quality of life and business efficiency across global markets. We actively work with portfolio companies to develop new markets, build alliances, and hire talent. We both lead and co-invest with our strategic partners.

Global Reach

Transform Products and Services

We invest in passionate and high caliber teams that are driven to transform products and services we use at home and work.

"We invest with conviction, around teams who can execute. There are many great ideas, but in order for transformational companies to impact how we work and live, they must be led by great teams, with an uncommon ability to execute. When we find these teams and when they have a transformational solution, we work hard to help them build the company and realize their vision."
— Sonali Vijayavargiya, Founder & Managing Director
Our Philosophy

Foundation of Augment Partnership



transformational companies



teams to realize vision into execution plans



status-quo of industries and business models



talent, the most critical element to build and scale

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