Founder Name: Michele Sancricca
Designation: CEO and Co-founder

About Secro

Secro vision is to enable frictionless global trade. Their next-generation electronic bill of lading platform enables real-time and secure collaboration between parties involved in cross-border commodity trade and transportation. Customers can digitally create, sign and exchange the most common trade documents, including negotiable and non-negotiable charter party bills of lading.

Disrupting the ocean trade of commodities does not require only exceptional industry expertise and mastery of digital technologies. It has been critical to complement our strengths with Augment’s capabilities to structure and execute our first institutional round in a very challenging capital market. Above all, Sonali’s entrepreneurial acumen and passionate leadership proved to be of incredible help when restructuring our corporate set up and get us ready for global scaling. We could not have better, more competent and approachable companions in our customer-obsessed journey.
-Michele Sancricca

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