Founder Name: Saikat Dey
Designation: CEO / Founder / Chairman

About Aatmunn

Aatmunn’s mission is to create a connected worker platform that will promote a safer, more efficient, and lower cost workspace for deskless workers – think construction and factory personnel. Their solution integrates with proprietary and tertiary hardware, consolidating the data on a single platform. This data is used as a safety control center and feeds a predictive analytics & machine learning model to study worker behavior and optimize operations.

Guardhat and Augment Ventures are a solid match,” said Saikat Dey. “We are on a mission to improve the lives of the world’s 2B-plus deskless workers, starting with the industrial sector, tightly aligned to Augment’s mission to transform traditional industries and impact lives. What’s more, once I met Sonali, I immediately knew we needed her on our team. Seeing what she has built in her business and network, against odds, and values-based is simply inspiring. I am incredibly excited by what we can achieve together.
-Saikat Dey

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