Augment Venture Fellows Program

AV Fellows LogosWe’ve been fortunate to have worked with many talented students, teaching and mentoring the next generation of venture professionals. We’ve created a Venture Fellows Program to continue that mentorship. If you are an MBA student aspiring to learn more about early-stage businesses and venture investing, please fill out the information at this link.

Interested to join one of our portfolio companies? Share your resume with us on

Careers @ Pair Team

Pair Team is a platform that connects vulnerable patients to local care teams.

Careers @ Juicer

We offer a complete real-time restaurant revenue management and pricing analytics solution that tests price elasticity.

Careers @ Channel 19

Our software analyzes TMS and ELD data with AI in real time to predict and notify Carriers of in-progress delivery issues.

Careers @ Celera

We provide full-custom IC development initially focusing on analog/power-management applications using industry-standard silicon foundry technologies.

Careers @ Optilogic

We offer Supply Chain Design solution with optimization, simulation, risk, and AI embedded in a unified, cloud-native, hyper-scaling platform.

Careers @ Secro

Secro provides a collaborative environment where both team members and trading partners can execute and audit the most complex contracts, safely and confidentially.

Careers @ Fluree

Fluree is on a mission to change how we secure, manage, and share data, and we are looking for talented and versatile individuals to contribute to our growth.

Careers @ Aatmunn

We aim to empower workforces to make better decisions—decisions that save lives improve response times and tactics and increase productivity.

Careers @ Akitra

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join the Akitra family! Please contact us at to see what employment opportunities are available.

Careers @ ConverSight

Empowering business leaders with actionable insights and recommendations.

Careers @ Rivet

To make great things happen, it takes a great team. Join our team to bring digital tools to the skilled trades and elevate the work environment for all.

Careers @ Perennial

Building carbon from the ground up. Join the revolution in reversing the effects of climate change by harnessing the power of nature.

Careers @ Crowdz

Our team is obsessed with disrupting the small business payment space. We are building a 24/7 global invoice exchange to speed up cash flow in small businesses books in record time.

Careers @ Flume

We’re a fast-growing software and technology company looking for smart, ambitious, customer-obsessed people with a passion for making an impact in their work and on the world.

Careers @ Aperia Technologies

At Aperia you will be challenged yet fulfilled; you’ll be proud and inspired. Whatever your job is here, you’ll be making an impact.

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