Founder Name: Patrick Brockett
Designation: CEO

About Celera

Celera provides full-custom IC development initially focusing on analog/power-management applications using industry-standard silicon foundry technologies.

The chip and EDA industries have wrestled for decades trying to automate analog chip design and surmount the huge productivity gap with digital chips. Calum MacCrea, our CTO and founder, along with his elite engineering team set out to do what most experts considered impossible. As with most intractable problems it took longer to solve than planned. Augment understood the risks but also the opportunity. Jeff and Sonali stepped up not only funding platform development but helping with the myriad of challenges building a company. Celera is disrupting the industry by enabling analog chip design in days rather than months. Our expert system and AI algorithms improve designer productivity by a factor of ten to fifteen. We design and manufacture full custom chips for some of the largest systems companies in the world. We couldn't have got here without Augment Ventures.
-Patrick Brockett

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