Founder Name: Konrad Jarausch
Designation: CEO

About RingoAI

RingoAI transforms ordinary cameras into powerful measurement devices. Instead of just capturing pretty pictures, cameras equipped with our Active Illuminant technology can provide answers to questions like ‘how healthy is my skin?’, ‘what color is my skin’, and ‘am i hydrated’. We enable smartphones to measure how skin reflects light (non-contact and no hardware required).

As an early-stage company, the holistic support provided by Augment is terrific: help with strategy, go-to-market and competitive analysis, as well as introductions to potential partners, investors and employees. Augment nurtures us while setting high expectations and challenging our assumptions. Sonali has a unique talent for identifying ideas and teams which can create and capture value and provides constructive feedback (without ego) based on her experience helping founders build their businesses. It’s like being part of a high-functioning family!
-Konrad Jarausch

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