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Augment Ventures December 2018 Newsletter

Award Season for Augment Portfolio Companies We are excited to announce that our portfolio company Mercatus is named “Portfolio Analytics Solution of year” 2018 by Capital Markets CIO Outlook. Mercatus is the platform-of-choice for managing alternative investments. …

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Augment Ventures August 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we featured Mercatus’s Global Advanced Energy Research ReportVolume 6, and Enel’s, Mercatus success story as a key partner in driving Digitial Transformation within Enel. This Month, we are featuring the beginning of RayVio delivery of the LARQ Water Bottle – an ultraviolet …

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Augment Ventures July 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we shared some fantastic news from Iteros, as the company was just named a Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Provider by Energy CIO Insights Magazine. This Month, we are sharing tremendous developments from Mercatus. Mercatus has recently released their Global …

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Augment Ventures June 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we highlighted Mercatus CEO Haresh Patel in CEO’s Corner, and Nic Wetzler’s appearance on The Syndicate Podcast. This month, we are sharing some fantastic news from Iteros. Iteros was just named a Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Provider by Energy …

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Augment Ventures May 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we highlighted LLamasoft, one of Augment’s outstanding companies from Fund I. CEO’s Corner. This month, we are introducing a new segment, which we intend to be a regular series, CEO’s Corner. CEO’s corner presents insights form …

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Augment Ventures April 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we highlighted Aperia Technologies and Iteros. This month, we are highlighting LLamasoft, Augment’s most outstanding company from Fund I. LLamasoft continues to execute after last year’s substantial investment from TPG Capital which provided liquidity to …

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