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Augment Ventures November 2021 Update

Portfolio Highlight: Cloud Agronomics Alex Zhuk, Co-founder & COO Momentum behind carbon markets and sustainability is undeniable. Every major corporation is committing to becoming carbon neutral but only a miniscule percentage of demand for carbon offsets is …

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Augment Ventures October 2021 Update

Entrepreneurship Tip #3: Measure Team Effectiveness We asked our Founder and Managing Partner, Sonali Vijayavargiya to share with us her best advice for entrepreneurs looking to measure team effectiveness as they build their young teams. What are …

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Augment Ventures August 2021 Update

Augment Ventures’ ClimateTech Portfolio Impact Currently, in order to monitor carbon levels and carbon sequestration in agricultural lands, the industry relies on laborious, in-field physical sampling. The problem of quantifying soil organic carbon (SOC) at scale remains …

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Augment Ventures July 2021 Update

Spotlight: Summer at Augment Ventures Jeff Kontulis is a rising second year MBA student at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He has leveraged his concentration in entrepreneurship and BA from Princeton as well as his …

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Augment Ventures June 2021 Update

Portfolio Highlight: LARQ Founder’s Mission with Justin Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of LARQ My vision for LARQ started from my own personal struggles with reusable water bottles and wanting a more sustainable and design-forward option than what …

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Augment Ventures May 2021 Update

Portfolio Highlight: Crowdz Empowering Small and Medium-sized Businesses Steven Lee, Co-Founder and CFO We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and the engine of job growth. Our mission is to make it …

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