Augment Ventures June 2024

Fund III New Investment: Adni

adni logoAdni – “Empowering Nurse Workforce Management”

Augment is excited to announce our latest investment – Adni! Adni is a workforce management solution for nurses. The company’s digital platform and marketplace bring together clinicians’ professional ecosystem while empowering healthcare leaders to recruit, reward, and retain their workforce more effectively. The platform tackles the critical challenges of nurse retention and recruitment. Healthcare employers white label Adni or use Adni API to bring everything their nurses need into a single app – jobs, on demand pay, gear, professional resources, referrals, incentives and more.

By automating routine administrative tasks, Adni frees up significant time for recruiters and frontline leaders, leading to a 25% increase in productivity. These improvements collectively save healthcare employers about $6 million annually. Adni’s mission-driven approach ensures every healthcare worker has access to the tools and support necessary to excel both at the bedside and beyond, positioning it as a forward-thinking leader in healthcare workforce management.

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert“While working as a Registered Nurse, I felt frustrated by the lack of technology to support the healthcare workforce. With the healthcare system facing the largest exodus of clinicians in history, I knew that now, more than ever, technology to empower clinicians to do their best work was vital. At Adni, we’re excited to be building software that brings everything clinicians need into a single digital homebase, from gear and resources to jobs, onboarding, timesheets, benefits, and recognition. We are thrilled to have Augment Ventures join us on this journey, and we appreciate their commitment to supporting mission-driven companies transforming traditional industries with innovative technology.”

Augment Expert Series Episode 3: Naveen S. Bisht

Naveen BishtIn our latest episode of the Augment Expert Series, released on YouTube, we have Naveen S. Bisht, the founder of Akitra. Akitra is a leading provider in compliance automation solutions in the cybersecurity industry.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an industry expert sharing his insights on managing diverse teams, maintaining company culture and mentoring the next generation leaders! To watch the episode, click here.

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In the News

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Juicer logoJUICER Hires Head of Product
JUICER announced the hiring of Steph Garfrerick as their Head of Product. Steph has spent her entire career in Technology, first as a Consultant at Deloitte and then pivoting to Revenue Analytics where she has led Product, Customer Success, and Data Science teams. At Revenue Analytics she worked with hospitality, media, manufacturing and distribution, and passenger rail companies to solve their most complex pricing challenges. To read more click here.

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