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Portfolio Company Spotlight: Aperia Technologies

Happy New Year 2020

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Aperia Technologies

Aperia Technologies co-founders, Josh Carter and Brandon Richardson, met back at Stanford University while pursuing their masters degrees in mechanical engineering, design methodology and energy systems. Since 2010, they’ve partnered together to bring the Halo Tire Inflator technology from concept to reality.

“Aperia” comes from the Latin, aperio, which means to uncover, reveal, or make clear. Aperia’s mission is to uncover compelling opportunities and reveal creative technology solutions. Aperia’s Halo Inflator keeps a tire optimally inflated to reduce heating and flexing of a tire’s sidewall, the primary reason for a blowout. This decreases annual maintenance costs while increasing driver safety.

The Halo has been recognized in the industry as a standard solution to manage efficiency, safety and cost savings for fleets of all sizes. Congratulations, Aperia team!

Halo Inflator 2011

Halo Inflator, 2011

Halo Inflator 2020

Halo Inflator, 2020

Aperia team Aperia Showroom

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