Augment Ventures September 2020 Newsletter

Augment Ventures Fund II invests in Cloud Agronomics Predictive insights for Agriculture

Cloud Agronomics

Creating the world’s most expansive hyperspectral imaging insights for agriculture performance

Cloud Agronomics is creating a living map of global agriculture using hyperspectral imaging (HSI).

HSI datasets for precision farming and data analytics changes the way the individual farmer and the industry looks at crop yields, pricing and other field-critical decisions related to agriculture production – nutrient concentrations, seeding, moisture, crop disease, runoff, carbon sequestration, crop insurance, commodity trading and many others.

In the News

LARQ PitcherLARQ has launched the LARQ Pitcher – a countertop water pitcher that delivers pure water beyond filtration.

LARQ is extending its experience beyond the bottle format to provide a 360 hydration experience in the home. They were fully funded in the first 3 minutes and have surpassed LARQ Bottle campaign’s 1st day total in the first 2 hours. Kickstarter Short Link.

Mercatus logoMercatus kicked-off new Data Leader Spotlight content series with Oliver Ng, Portfolio Executive at Downing LLP. This series aims to highlight private market professionals who are helping lead the adoption of technology and data management. In this piece, Oliver discusses his role at Downing and how he sees technology and data shaping private market investing. Read more here.

NVCA and Venture Forward #VCHumanCapital Pledge

AV logoAugment Ventures is committed to advancing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive venture ecosystem. We recognize how important it is to get the best minds to be working on challenges our humanity and planet faces. As a women founder and champion for women in technology, I pledge to continue my efforts to bring diverse voices to the table where decisions are made. As part of this commitment, Augment Ventures is signing the NVCA and Venture Forward #VCHumanCapital pledge.


Rest In Peace – Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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