Augment Ventures October 2020 Newsletter

Smart Home Water Monitor

Flume 2 Flume 2 site Flume 2 app
After selling about 20,000 units, Flume launches their second generation product Flume 2. The new hardware has a sleek, refined feel, combined with improved functionality and the ability to capture data 6x faster than before, enabling disaggregation of all water fixtures and appliances in the home. This valuable feature opens doors to a new opportunities in the market including high definition analytics for water management.

In parallel with the new product launch, Flume completed brand refresh and launched a new website, which can be seen here.

In the News

Crowdz LogoCrowdz launches new anti-fraud tech for SMEs

Invoice financing and transaction company Crowdz announced it will introduce fraud-detection application Invoice Check, powered by Trade Finance Market (TFM) as part of its SuRF Score product. Crowdz is working to create the market’s most accurate risk assessment technology for investors.

TFM will join a variety of inputs that comprise the Crowdz SuRF Score, specifically to pinpoint and combat invoice fraud, which is at an all-time high during Covid-19. Read more here.

NVCACoalition of Startup Advocates Voice Strong Support for bipartisan IGNITE American Innovation Act

The legislation will provide immediate liquidity to startups by allowing them to monetize certain tax assets. Specifically, the bill will allow companies with less than 1,500 employees to monetize up to $25 million in net operating loss (NOL) carryforwards and R&D credits. Additionally, it provides a bonus for tax assets generated by research and production of technologies intended to prevent, diagnose, and treat COVID-19. Read the full letter here.

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