Augment Ventures May 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we highlighted LLamasoft, one of Augment’s outstanding companies from Fund I.

CEO’s Corner. This month, we are introducing a new segment, which we intend to be a regular series, CEO’s Corner. CEO’s corner presents insights form the experience of our portfolio CEOs, in their own words.

This month we sincerely thank Mercatus Co-Founder and CEO Haresh Patel for starring in our first CEO’s Corner in the linked video. Haresh’s vision, leadership, and execution have helped Mercatus become another of Augment’s outstanding companies in Fund I. Please watch Haresh talk about becoming an accidental software company, listening to the customer, and more.

In addition, Augment’s Nic Wetzler was featured on Matt Ward’s The Syndicate Podcast. Listen to Nic’s thoughts on why Autonomous vehicles are both an exciting investment area and over-hyped at the same time, and how having interns is a great productivity hack.


Haresh Patel on CEO’s Corner

Please watch Haresh talk about how they were “an accidental software company,” employ a “big ears and small brain” approach to customer insights, and why his team “obsesses with the cultural fit” in both building their team, and finding like-minded investors.

Haresh, we sincerely appreciate the time to share your thoughts with our audience. Keep up the great work! We are excited to see where Mercatus journey takes all of us. Thanks for having us along for the ride!

Augment’s Nic Wetzler on The Synidcate Podcast

Thank you, Matt Ward for hosting Nic on the Syndicate Podcast! On this podcast , Nic shares his story on how he came to Augment, and discusses the huge opportunity in Autonomous vehicles, the overheated nature of the market, and why it makes sense for Ford to reportedly pay $1B for


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