Augment Ventures March 2018 Newsletter

Last month, we highlighted RayVio, and Mercatus from our first fund. This month, we are highlighting Iteros from Fund II, and Aperia, Augment’s first ever investment.

Aperia Technologies makes the Halo® automatic tire inflator to improve fuel economy and road safety while reducing tire expenditures, downtime, and maintenance costs for commercial trucking fleets.

Iteros’ intelligent automation software platform enables the optimized operation of distributed energy resources and their entire ecosystems on the grid.

Aperia on Red Sox Twitter and Announces Another Fleet Partnership

Aperia Halo showed up on Red Sox Twitter! Check out this Halo-equipped Ryder Truck announcing the start of spring as it loads up Red Sox equipment bound for spring training. Tribe Transportation announced their partnership yesterday with Aperia at the Technology and Maintenance Council in Atlanta. TMC is America’s premier technical society for truck equipment technology and maintenance professionals. This is another fleet that has chosen to equip its trucks and trailers with Aperia’s award-winning efficiency and safety technology. Aperia has previously announced partnerships with Michelin at a previous TMC and with Ryder this past September.

Link to Aperia Website

Iteros CEO Jennifer Worrall speaks at Storage Week Panel

Jennifer Worrall, the CEO of Iteros, spoke on a panel at Storage Week in San Francisco, one of the longest running energy storage conferences in the country. Software, such as Iteros’, was discussed as the “Secret Sauce” to the success of energy projects on both sides of the meter. Software is increasingly critical to every aspect of a project from planning and design, to system tuning, to financing, through to ensuring warranty compliance. The audience included key stakeholders in energy storage projects and distributed energy resources including equipment manufacturers, energy developers, utilities, and regulators.

Link to Iteros Website



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