Casey Cowell

Advisor — Enterprise Technology

Casey Cowell is a successful entrepreneur, investor, civic leader, and philanthropist. Early in his career, Casey founded U.S Robotics, which was later acquired by 3Com in a transaction valued at nearly $6.6 Billion, making it the largest merger ever in the history of the data communications industry. Today, a big part of Casey’s focus is Northern Michigan, and more specifically Traverse City.As part of his commitment to the region, he currently serves on the boards of Munson Healthcare, Interlochen Center for the Arts and Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities. Recognizing the health of our community as an important factor in prosperity, Casey founded the Cowell Family Cancer Center at Munson Hospital and continues to champion large-scale movements aimed at improved health and vitality.Casey and his team support Augment Ventures as investors, but also as advisors on the Northern Michigan technology landscape. Together, Augment Ventures and Boomerang Catapult LLC aim to foster a new generation of high-tech companies in and around the Traverse City Area.

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